What constitues a meaningful Work of Art?

What is a work narrative?…. THE SCHOOL YEAR IS MY ART

Reconsiderng the Curriculum #1

Pedagogical Painting Precedent #1 (JOY)

The Curriculum of Self (Summertime)

It is summertime and I am back at work in the basement studio. Thinking, always thinking about what comes next. No work this Summer, just a lot of painting and preparation for another school year- the best one yet. I am better situating myself in the context of educational pursuit as art. I alongside my students must construct our own individual curriculum, relevant to each of our personal circumstances – an individualized education – a self constructed education. We must ask ourselves questions about what we hope to achieve – This Summer, with Peace and Joy in my mind I will paint about these things – For now and in the future, I want to be an inspirational force as well as a positive and memorable influence. This Summer I will paint everything that I am out onto the canvas. All my preoccupations will be processed and repurposed as I paint my way through the entire Summer.


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Don’t think about a thing in any kind of conscious way. Just let it all unfold without hesitation or question. Pure emotion – pure sensation – a serious and exuberant kind of joy. Record the totality of being in the moment. Youthful painters stand apart from all the burdens of art histroical context. How do you begin to reaccess that unique and timeless space of being alive? No more questions  – Energy and enthusiasm in the presence of the present. Vitality is all there is – In the moment, this is all there is room for.


You don’t need to care about anything other than the moment. Everything still seems so curious and exciting to you. Like the way the colors mix and the water changes color. It all evokes such an elemental sense of awe. You are definitely in touch  with something more real than almost any other painter alive today. There is a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face. You know completely what you are doing even when you have no way of explaining it. It doesn’t matter how you hold the brush or smear the paint around. You only listen to you impulses and your instincts. You were born knowing how to play and have fun. You were wired to figure things out in the most beautiful possible way. No one can call themselves an artist anymore than you. They may know all the theories and philosophies – but you have the vital  magic of youth which lends its timeless perspective to every human endeavor.  It is all so simple and painfully complicated to begin to understand how to be a kindergarten painter.