Meditations on Parenting #2


Meditations on Parenting #1

Paintings as Pedagogical Props – they really should be given away

Classroom Installation #3

If an image is an identity, an Archive is a Society – each of these paintings will belong to someone other than me. One day, I will give all of these things away and they will really go out to live their own lives. As for now, they are functional objects, a tool and a resource – a pedagogical prop. I talk about line, shape, color and design as well as symmetry, balance and all those formalist words – but above all, I talk about meaning and time. All of these things mean something to me, but each viewer brings their own visual and emotional intelligence to the engagement. Over time, these things will all accrue several other new layers of meaning as I give them away. How will I give them away? What will I base my decision upon? To whom and for What? In time, they will find their proper homes. It’s far better to let them go than to set up a false pretense upon which to establish their value. I made them, so I will give them away at the proper time and in the proper way…and then I will make more, because that’s what I like to do. It isn’t even the object that matters, its how you think about it and what you do with it – you have to put a painting to use or its just another thing in a world full of useless things.

Gestures, Impulses & Vital Images

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A Vital Image lives in its own moment forever wanting to be what it cannot ever be again. While it is frozen and fixed upon paper – it can live an endless number of lives in any number of forms. A vital image is an image of the now staring back at itself into infinity, an echo of a moment gone on forever- searching deeper into and away from itself.

Art Experience: Intentions, Orientations & Attitudes

Classroom Installation #2 intentions



Classroom Installation #1

Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Kenneth Goldsmith, Bruce Nauman, Christopher Wool, On Kawara, Stefan Sagermeister, Glenn Ligon, Tracey Emin, Ed Ruscha, Jasper Johns, Ray Johnson, Mel Bochner, Roni Horn, Sean Landers…

A Wall of Texture & Color (Just add Speakers & Sound)

Classroom Installation #4

Kindergarten painters and cave walls – Jay DeFeo, Rachel Harrison, Tantra Painting, Rashid Johnson, Yayoi Kusama, Jim Lambie, Jim Drain, Chris Johanson, Chris Martin, Mary Heilman, Hans Hofmann, Gerhard Richter, Joan Mitchell and on and on