Teacher as Conceptual Artist – Propositions

Jorge Lucero defines Teacher as conceptual artist

Teacher as conceptual artist is first and foremost an emancipatory gesture. It is born from a very real frustration that artists have when they find any part of their practice, time, or resources occupied by various forms of institutionalization (i.e. work, school, family, religion, state, nation, the cosmos). “Teacher as conceptual artist” draws attention to the materiality of those binding institutions and allows creative practitioners a mental, cyber, and communal space to put forth proposals for the manipulation of this “new media”. 

Much more than considering the materiality of binding institutions, the notion of a teacher operating as a conceptual artist expands the possibility for a teaching practice to exist as an art practice when grounded in the the context of educational institutions and the related materiality of instructional time and methodologies. These similarities between the creative and conceptual conditions of teaching and art-making do not suggest that all teaching is art.  However, given the creative and performative aspects of teaching it seems only natural to consider the meanings and possibilities for teaching in light of  its similarities to contemporary art practice – especially in regard to performative pedagogies and social practice.


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