Always asking more questions

What is the substance of this exchange? Artist, Object, Audience – What efforts are expended and to what end are they directed? One must always be critical of the reasoning that guides our involvement in this engagement. If the energy of creation is not coming from somewhere within that personal and inner space of joy, need and desire, then what do these art objects offer beyond their objectified existence. If these are just games, theories and aesthetic tastes played out across historical time, then they have no nature of their own and they amount to mere politics. These days, great art objects are made and intellectualized but they come intact with a great poverty of interior meaning and significance. Though many monuments of contemporary art may have great monetary worth they are significantly lacking in interior complexity, mystery or some other human element. They are hollow idols grasping for immortality amidst the egos and ambitions of historical context. Vainglorious seeking parading on in the name of art. How many alternative histories could we write? Sometimes art doesn’t even recognize itself with all the masks it wears in all the corners that it has been backed into. How many worthy stories will never be told?

You don’t have to call it Art – just feed me more of that

Spiritual American Trash


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