Painitngs as DIY Currency

How is a painting consumed in the world today? Can a painting intiate a transaction of thought more potent and meanigful than any possible monetary value which may be assigned to it? Under what conditions can a painting free itself from the bondage of capitalist machinery? As a gift, through a gesture can painting become a currency of its own? Who will back this system – can it ever hope to be taken seriously?

It must be dreamed about and thought about if it has any hope to become a reality. Art must be valued for more than money.

The exchange rates may vary, but initially, I want to procure academic writings and documents with my paintings. I hope to find willing participants among the artists, writers and thinkers whom I admire – individuals willing to trade their thoughts and their time for a painting or a group of paintings. The first participants have been chosen and new ones shall be added over time – their responses are forthcoming. Painting as DIY Currency has begun.


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