art is manifest through ones force of conviction

As artists and educators – we are researchers; refining the methods and meanings present in our pursuits – we seek not only knowledge, but the meaning of knowledge. There is too much at stake to let the market or even the curriculum decide the value present in our engagements. To a large extent, the curriculum is always hidden and waiting to be defined anew by each new participant – this is the definition of a constructivist education. Furthermore, the market has no claim to ownership concerning the ultimate value of art. We cannot let the institutions define or defile that which is beyond the scope of definition. Art is unlike any other body of knowledge, its epistemologies are forever bound up in individual engagements with the worlds of sense and perception. Those who would deny the cognitive dimensions of creative and artistic pursuit have yet to fully engage the propostion. All knowledge is not contingent upon a claim to truth – The limits of knowing must continue being pushed in all domains of human life. Beyond knowledge specific to its own content, Art poses propositional ways of knowing which shape and evolve the very culture in which we live. The fundamental nature of art is an investigation into how we as a species create and engage our individual and collective intellectual, cultural and spiritual lives.


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