Pedagogical Painting is an educational pursuit whereby the artist constructs a curriculum for the development of self through the act of painting. Far more than studio practice, pedagogical painting aspires to situate one’s painting practice into the natural flow of life. Meaning arises in the work through the proximity and interconnectedness of the work with the movements of daily thought and action. An intentional and direct effort is made to seek not autonomy in art production but union and relationship. Pedagogical Painting seeks to return to a rooted sense of meaning in the personal act of making, while also  striving to provide a counterpoint or oppostion to the claim that meaning and significance in painting  can be dictated by art world hierarchies, collectors and intellectual trends. Pedagogical Painting is a democratic model (accessible to anyone from sunday painters to MFA grads) aimed at reasserting the humble and powerful worth of painting as it arises from the life of the painter. P